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We distribute under the theme of various charm of International Tourist city, Shinjuku and introduce.

SHINJUKU Night Watch of Nomachi mine child


Town, Takadanobaba of chaos that exceeded both time and border. Nomachi mine child saying that all buildings, all alleys are heavy introduces charm of Takadanobaba.

[in front of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden]

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden neighborhood where varies in atmosphere in the north and south. Nomachi seemed to like walking calm town which was chic, and was adult from the old days, too. We introduce way of enjoying before such a Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.


Town, Nakai where history and culture breathe. On the other hand, to Nomachi mine child whom a lot of bars to be able to drop in at casually said that "looseness" was attractive, we were introduced to town of Nakai.


Nomachi mine child to want to disturb high-quality image by fashion of Kagurazaka talks about liquor to one hand by charm of Kagurazaka penumbra hot.

Special feature

Charm is until the end of time at night in the Shinjuku night

Shinjuku-ku to be able to enjoy various night atmospheres. We introduce night charm of Shinjuku having various ways of enjoying including brilliant downtown and wet shop.

To the times when Shinjuku which continues evolving is new

In last "Shinjuku plus" in the Heisei period, we look back toward famous place in established Shinjuku-ku in these 30 years. Furthermore, we send information of new facility starting a business soon. Towards the next times, Shinjuku-ku continues evolving.

Is it totally foreign country? Let's have a cross-cultural experience in Shinjuku!

Shinjuku which has various ways of enjoying when we take exotic scenery in photograph and taste the first dishes and buy rare miscellaneous goods. We show around spot feeling foreign country of Shinjuku-ku this time.

Let's laugh in Shinjuku!

In Shinjuku-ku where old and new various entertainment fuses, there is seasonal comedian from variety hall to be able to enjoy rakugo to theater performing live, mimicry show restaurant and we give up various laughter and can enjoy.

SHINJUKU experience-based spot

Dressing, Japanese dance of kimono...We introduce Must-see Places which Japanese culture can experience in nado Shinjuku.

Welcome to sacred place of ART Shinjuku art!

Shinjuku-ku which Yayoi Kusama Museum opens in October, 2017, and accomplishes evolution more and more to the town of art, culture. We introduce attractive art museum in Shinjuku-ku and new art spot this time.

Shinjuku-ku to look back toward in photograph

Shinjuku-ku which reached the establishment 70th anniversary on March 15, 2017. We look back on the change of Shinjuku-ku which developed rapidly with precious photograph from birth to date. It is attention to totally different scenery or coming and going people, car now.

Let's enjoy sports in Shinjuku-ku!

In Shinjuku-ku which is center of Tokyo, facility to be able to enjoy sports is substantial. Therefore we introduce selected spot where general person can enjoy sports casually this time.

We come to like movie theater! Town of movie Shinjuku

Shinjuku-ku which has many movie theaters from large cinema complex to mini theater of individuality group. We introduce shop where recommended movie theater and moviegoers of such Shinjuku-ku gather.

We start on the Shinjuku exploration by WE bus!

Recycling bus "Shinjuku WE bus" is absolutely recommended if we enjoy Shinjuku! We introduce walk course according to theme to go by comfortable Shinjuku WE bus with convenience.

Discovery! “WA” to come across in Shinjuku

In fact, Shinjuku-ku where big city spreads out is filled with charm of many sums. We visited folkcraft from the Edo era and delicious Japanese confectionery and Japanese dishes, harmony among Shinjuku-ku inherited ceaselessly including tea culture.

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Let's eat up gyoza of Shinjuku!

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Sushi, tempura, eel feature

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Standard present feature of Shinjuku long-established store shop!

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