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In chaos called Takadanobaba
You should be involved

Nomachi mine child
Comic artist and essayist, illustrator. We are living in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku. Under the most new book "Noh sapo" "Noh sports" "whim mill habit - ki" release. A lot of appearance to radio-TV program.
All buildings, all alleys 
It is deep so as to be choking.

Speaking frankly, we do not like Takadanobaba that is crowded with students of cheap bar return. As for the good point of Takadanobaba, "student town" does not have place.

The liver of Takadanobaba is strange chaos that swallowed all. If say well; diversity. Border and the good and the evil and poverty and wealth seem to be over time. Besides, it is the best because it involves in vortex of the chaos from station within a 1-minute walk. All buildings close to the station are like mini-nine dragon castle.

Northeast corner of the east exit immediate intersection, "the ninth lunar month building" are about 50 a year age old. Now-like shop enters toward the bottom, but is structure like battleship and fortress when we see upper rank from facing of way. We say building of neighboring Tokyo Sankyo Shinkin Bank, and signboard of the horizontal "student loan" says with "Ise wave building" of strangely pop color put bekabeka on, and, in building feeling the term of service when it is considerable together, chaos seems to lie hidden in all rooms.

Building which is considerably old as we come back near station, and this knows from design full of a feeling of mid century of the appearance and inner stairs "rice gate building" in the east exit immediate intersection corner. The hills and rivers billiards to be enshrined on the second floor are what founded in 1955! It is elder of Takadanobaba.

Building "tuck eleven in the row is considerably building with the term of service, too", but, as for the chaos of this building, it is revealed by anyone if we see reputation from street. It is famous here as building where a lot of Myanmarese restaurants enter. "Today's recommendation" that the first-floor "nonguinrei" was put on wall is almost excitement called insect dishes. No, aside from insect, noodles or salad are very delicious.

Speaking of insect dishes, "rice and circus" of the back of this building are more stimulating (no, insect is not the favorite circumstance particularly). As alley sandwiched between the tracks of the back of the building is mysterious spot of 1, Takadanobaba, you hesitate by all means and are crowded, and please surrender to chaos.

Play at night is nya moderately, too
This Night Watch
Hills and rivers billiards/
2-18-11, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku rice gate building 2F (photograph 1-5)
2-19-7, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku (photograph 6-13)
Rice and circus/
2-19-8, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku (photograph 14-20)
Let's actually find town on foot where other photographs are!

SHINJUKU Night Watch of Shinjuku plus vol.9 September, 2018 issuance Nomachi mine child

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