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In front of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden neighborhood
Town of adult that delicacy is deep

Nomachi mine child
Comic artist and essayist, illustrator. We are living in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku. Under the most new book "Noh sapo" "Noh sports" "whim mill habit - ki" release. A lot of appearance to radio-TV program.
This area different in the north and south,
Adult who is good though we advance to where.

When Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden neighborhood says in address at air pocket-like place; "Shinjuku 1." Of Shinjuku 2 that anyone knows understand the next thing, but do not get a hint other than the resident only in address.

This neighborhood is almost area that has been ever called "Hanazonocho". Place that it is still the elegant place name left in the name of bus stop, but is chic rather than bloom so as to say the actual situation hatoiuto "flower garden", and is adult. Way of speaking that it is said is popular a little, but expression called "the depths Shinjuku" may be right good to or it is "depths Shibuya" about area where slightly calm shops of the depths of downtown scatter "depths Kagurazaka" recently.

Personally, as for the experience that we accepted, contemplation is deep around here though there is few. We just had a look at things in Kinokuniya Bookstore or Isetan on foot unsteadily from the Shinjuku Station area and crossed intersection after buying art supplies in Sekaido and liked what walked cityscape of strongly calm Shinjuku-dori St. from there from the old days. We may walk street which sometimes faces Imperial Garden which further fell silent of one south from that and.

Tendency of shop comes to seem to be adult unconditionally around here if we enjoy night though it is a great variety of.

At first, it is said that hometown smells whether north side, here of Shinjuku-dori St. say that it is unrefined in a good way unexpectedly with cityscape with the term of service, or there are many shops feeling human touch. Though directionality is the truth reverse, in a sense, in "D kattsue" which I went first this time, "flower of oden is domestic both, too".

Just what we reverse ourselves and faced the south side of Shinjuku-dori St. particularly Imperial Garden is stylish and looks good with feeling that man and woman of adult walks in small illuminations in a few words well. You have pizza learned in the home of "Romana" and should walk with two forever while looking at Imperial Garden where going to see cherry blossoms at night blooms if it is this season.

Play at night is nya moderately, too
This Night Watch
D kattsue/
1-19-8, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku sun mall seventh building 2F <photograph 1-5)
1-13-8, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku (photograph 6-12)
Pizzeria bar Romana/
1-5-6, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku 1F (photograph 13-19)
Let's actually find town on foot where other photographs are!

SHINJUKU Night Watch of Shinjuku plus vol.8 March, 2018 issuance Nomachi mine child

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