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The air is full of spring! Shinjuku cherry blossom viewing spot 2018

You can enjoy cherry blossom viewing in Shinjuku at many places.
As you introduce cherry blossom viewing spot in Shinjuku-ku, please go out!

Around Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Cherry tree of approximately 65 kinds of 1,000 is in full glory including Yoshino cherry tree (Yoshino cherry tree) in large garden of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.
​Because many cherry trees continue blooming by kind, it is charm for a long term until the end of April that can enjoy cherry blossom viewing.  
<in full bloom> The mid-February and late April
<the number> Approximately 1,000 (Yoshino cherry tree, wild cherry tree, ichiyo, approximately 65 kinds including kanzan)

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden "spring special opening of the park"

Shinjuku Central Park

Shinjuku Central Park is located in the middle of Nishishinjuku.
Against a backdrop of high-rise building, Yoshino cherry tree (Yoshino cherry tree) is in full glory.
​Dark pinkness features lofty child early-flowering cherry (takatookohiganzakura) given from Ina-shi, Nagano (former Kamiina-gun lofty town) of friendship town of Shinjuku-ku.  
<in full bloom> The mid-March and early April
<the number> Approximately 130 (including Yoshino cherry tree, kohigan)

Cherry tree (Shinjuku-ku) of Shinjuku Central Park

Around Takadanobaba, Waseda, Okubo

Toyama Park

There is highest Mount Hakone in Toyama Park in Yamanote Line, and cherry tree to look down at from 44.6m above sea level under eyes is the best part.
The garden that is full of green that we made use of the topography with ups and downs in is good to spring walk.
<in full bloom> The late March and early April
<the number> Approximately 330 (Yoshino cherry tree, wild cherry, wild cherry tree, weeping cherry tree, others) 

Cherry tree (Shinjuku-ku) of Toyama Park (Mount Hakone district) 

 Kanda River promenade

Sakuranamiki spreads out to cover building a breakwater of both sides on Kanda River promenade (around Takadanobaba - Nishiwaseda).
Cherry tree around here seemed to be planted in about 1982.
​Beautiful scenery pleases eyes of people walking promenade.

<in full bloom> The late March and early April
<the number> Including roadside tree approximately 230 (Yoshino cherry tree others)

Cherry tree (Shinjuku-ku) of Kanda River promenade (Waseda district) 

Kansen-en Park

Kansen-en ParkKansen-en Park is strolling garden of the municipal one and only.
Strolling garden is garden seen a lot in the Edo era, and the feature is that we locate Tsukiyama, Kojima, bridge around pond.
As for the name of "sweet spring garden", it is said to be origin from here that water of spring springing out was suitable for tea.
It is park where seasonal flower blooms every season, but they hang down, and cherry tree and fusion of garden have value of seeing.

It is this for more information about Kansen-en Park

Around Yotsuya

The outer moat outskirts

There is outer moat from Iidabashi to Yotsuya. We can look at cherry tree from bottom if we get into boat of moat.
​In addition, row of cherry blossom trees of outer moat to see from the inside of car between JR Yotsuya - Ichigaya - Iidabashi is beautiful car window spot of Tokyo bending fingers.

Cherry tree (Shinjuku-ku) of outer moat

Meiji Jingu Gaien

Gingko nut (ginkgo) row of trees is famous, but, speaking of Meiji Jingu Gaien, approximately 400 cherry trees are in full glory in spring on the sidewalk.
It is particularly worth seeing and can enjoy cherry tree around Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery which is important cultural property of country while taking a walk.

Cherry tree (Shinjuku-ku) of Outer Gardens of major shrine

Around Ochiai

Otomeyama Koen (Shogun's Reserve)

Otomeyama Koen (Shogun's Reserve)Otomeyama Koen (Shogun's Reserve) is park which is full of nature which is chosen as "57 selections of excellent springs of Tokyo".
Culture of fireflies is carried out in site, and firefly admiration party is held every year in summer.
​Mt. young girl is dyed pinkness and, in season of cherry blossoms, attracts attention as cherry blossom viewing place of cherry tree.

The details of Otomeyama Koen (Shogun's Reserve) are this

Here is recommended, too! It is born newly cherry blossom viewing spot by Shinjuku

Shinjuku Station southeast Kuchihiro place

Two takatookohiganzakura was planted in commemoration of renewal of Shinjuku Station southeast Kuchihiro place in 2016 by cooperation of Ina-shi, Nagano that was friendship town of Shinjuku-ku. We want to enjoy thick pink pretty cherry tree.
In Shinjuku newly of cherry blossom viewing spot is birth!

<in full bloom> The middle of March


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