Shinjuku waits Shinjuku surprising again; festival 2017

Shinjuku waits Shinjuku surprising again; festival 2017

Thanks to you
In the large prosperity
It was finished.

Many visits,
Thank you very much.

Held report

We waited for Shinjuku in each place around Shinjuku Station on Saturday, October 14 and held festival 2017.
While gentle rain occasionally falls; became held,
We had you arrive toward the lot and swelled very much!
We introduce state of event with photograph.

Shinjuku fashion stage

Shinjuku fashion stage which was performed according to Shinjuku on east exit special stage and the first floor of the Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku Main Building center tax in proportion to the number of people west exit special stage. Large department store and technical school of Shinjuku showed stage under the theme of fashion in sequence, and they swelled from beginning to end.

Shinjuku Sine Phil premium

AFFT X Shinjuku Sine Phil premium that was performed for three days. During period, much animation fans gathered in movie theater. Many people came to "Anime Film Festival Tokyo 2017 Information Center" made in Shinjuku Southern Terrace and were prosperous very much.

Shinjuku ONE ASIA school festival

Free live of ONE ASIA classical music orchestra performed in open space of Shinjuku Central Park water. Musical instrument of each Asian country played splendid tone while it drizzled. We performed workshops other than live, and venue did well very much.

Shinjuku street Baru week

Shinjuku street Baru week started on 7th until 14th. We enjoyed liquor and meal, and it looked like we did pub crawl and enjoyed town Baru.

Wait for Shinjuku; festival
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[Date and Time]

Saturday, October 14, 2017

※Shinjuku Sine Phil premium of movie event is held on Sunday for from Friday, October 13 to 15th

※As for Shinjuku street Baru week of gourmet event, it is held for from Saturday, October 7 to Saturday, October 14

[Venue] It is held according to Shinjuku around special stage, the first floor of the Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku Main Building center tax in proportion to the number of people special event space, Shinjuku Central Park others Shinjuku Station
Sponsorship Wait for Shinjuku; festival executive committee, Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau
The cosponsorship Large Shinjuku-ku Festival executive committee, Shinjuku-ku, ONE ASIA joint concert executive committee
Cooperation General Shinjuku newly developed city center area environment improvement Committee

The support

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