Festival Shinjuku Machi Festival 2018 of city where thought to Shinjuku leads to

Festival Shinjuku Machi Festival 2018 of city where thought to Shinjuku leads to

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Held report

State of WORLD DANCE STREET which we held on Saturday, October 6
We introduce with photograph.


WORLD DANCE STREET which was held on three special stages according to Shinjuku. Group playing an active part under the theme of world dance in the world and team enjoying world dance show dance! A large number of people gathered according to Shinjuku and swelled from beginning to end.

■Opening ceremony
It is started by stage of thiadance team, Angels by primary schoolchild of Shinjuku-ku!
Greetings opening from the Shinjuku head of a ward.
■State of each stage
Alta former stage: Sum drum Aya. To transfix passerby by powerful performance.
Stage in front of BICQLO: Tahiti dance PUAHINANO. It was wrapped in the southern country mood.
Ise padded clothes stage: Samba samba nova. It is paste paste in samba rhythm unintentionally♪
■The finale is Awa Folk Dance
Azalea ream and *koren are collaboration! It is the finale on Awa Folk Dance stage of force.
Finally, audiences enjoyed Awa Folk Dance together, too.

All of support companies

Ito En Isetan Shinjuku store Odakyu Electric Railway Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku Odakyu travel Odakyu agency Keio Keio Department Store Shinjuku JR East Shinjuku Takashimaya JR East plan Shinjuku Subnade Shinjuku Takano Dai Nippon Printing Nakamuraya Hyatt Regency BIC CAMERA Marui LUMINE

Held summary

The date
  • World dance street
  • : Saturday, October 6, 2018
  • Shinjuku Sine Phil premium
  • : From Saturday, October 6, 2018 to 22nd Monday
  • Shinjuku street Baru week
  • : From Monday, October 1, 2018 to Sunday, October 14
[Venue] Each site in around Shinjuku Station
Sponsorship Shinjuku Machi Festival executive committee, Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau
The cosponsorship Large Shinjuku-ku Festival executive committee, Shinjuku-ku
Cooperation General Shinjuku newly developed city center area environment improvement Committee

Shinjuku Machi Festival
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