From Thursday, February 21, 2019 to Sunday, February 23, 2020

"Path of sen" Ochiai, Nakai is the town of sen

"Path of sen" event is held in around Seibu Shinjuku Line, Toei Oedo Line Nakai Station on Sunday for from Friday, February 21 to 23rd.

"Gallery of river" building cloth over strange original Terakawa drifting to Ochiai, Nakai area for about 300m is three days when various plan demachijuga such as dyeing experience and display, accessory sale with individual participation shop swells centering on's two biggest plans of "gallery of way" decorating edge of the eaves of 109 stores of mall with new item noren of dyeing writer!



"Path of sen" raised the first cry as small joint exhibition of studio and several galleries in 2009.

Two major plans of "gallery of river" and "gallery of way" come up in 2011.
We show expanse so as to be introduced by side reader of elementary school as local event now.

It is 3-day event fully supported by town in order to hand down dyeing culture that area took in the next generation.


For more details, it is path official website of ⇒ sen from this


Standard plan introduction that was powerful from "path of sen" new plan 

"The gallery of river" who build "cloth" over wonder original Terakawa

We leave Nakai Station, and colorful cloth is built over wonder original Terakawa immediately. 

Shinjuku-ku, the Kanda River, strange original Terakawa basin which became dyeing industrial center from the Taisho era. The dyeing-related work more than 300 accumulated in the 30, Showa generation and prospered as big production place of kimono industry of Tokyo. Craftsman went down at the bottom of a river and washed away paste which we used to dye cloth in those days.
It is "gallery of river" that revivifies the memory in the present age.

We produce a part of the cloth to display in "gallery of river" in local town assembly or community, welfare facilities as part of event, class of elementary school.

"Gallery of way" to decorate with mall ono "noren"

109 works work which dyed "noren" of store in technique of dyeing used for kimono in total.

It is "gallery of way" that can be also known as trade fair of technique to be able to enjoy various technique.

Most of displayed norens are original works which they finished dyeing for this day while producer talks with shop.

New plan building a breakwater art gallery "pattern of Edo"

Various "patterns" which have been brought up with kimono

We dye for building a breakwater for ten years!

This gallery to liken huge board approximately tatami mat 1 tatami to paper pattern every year toward the next "path of sen" in March, and to dye with high pressure washing machine.

We aim at new tourist attraction of Ochiai, Nakai as the third gallery following "gallery of river" "gallery of way", the permanent construction gallery.

"Path of writer" which can come in contact with structure hand

Noren writer volunteers gather to the fifth small!

Booth displays dyeing works such as kimono or accessory.
[Date and Time] Saturday, February 22, 23rd Sunday

Place: Ochiai fifth Elementary School

Dyeing experience-based array! "School in sen"

Dyeing experience of various types flocks!

・Diaphragm, printing (Shinjuku-ku dyeing meeting)

・"1,000 dyeing" to dye one cloth together
[Date and Time] Saturday, February 22, 23rd Sunday

Place: Ochiai second Elementary School 

"Kingdom, Shinjuku of sen" exhibition 

Work of craftsmen of Shinjuku-ku dyeing meeting to succeed the traditional skill flocks.

You see delicate handwork including kimono and obi by work and demonstration close. It is exhibition of a lot of highlight including demonstration of work by experienced craftsman and various technique.

[Date and Time] Saturday, February 22, 23rd Sunday

Place: Ochiai fifth Elementary School

Extreme popularity! Official guided tour

Tour that it needs reservations.

We inform of the powerful charm of the town of dyeing throughout!
English Guided Tour is available!(Reservation required)
For more details, it is path official website of ⇒ sen from this

Application is ⇒ from this

Event introduction of Futabaen

The path date and time of sen

From Friday, February 21, 2020 to 23rd Sunday

Path venue of sen

Around Seibu Shinjuku Line, Toei Oedo Line Nakai Station


Path official website of sen



"Path of sen" executive committee

The cosponsorship

Shinjuku-ku/Shinjuku-ku dyeing meeting


Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau

The furtherance

Arts council Tokyo (Tokyo history culture foundation)


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