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Taste and charm of Shinshu Ina Valley!

Two days of from Wednesday, August 31 to Thursday, September 1. "Sightseeing in Shinshu Ina Valley and product exhibition" are held at Shinjuku Station west exit open space event corner. Central Japan Alps and South Africa…

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Paradise of garlic history most incense

"Garlic paradise 2016" begins on Wednesday, September 21 in Okubo Park. It is GO to the world of garlic gourmet of most "incense"!

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Of Kabuki-cho "that", is art

It is open by "Kabuki-cho art project trance box original picture exhibition" in leech Topia art square (Hilton Tokyo B1F) on Tuesday for from Thursday, September 15 to 20th…

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  • Tradition, culture
We have the tenth kaigeikyo sesame taking its ease cramped 

"geikyo festival to take its ease" is held at entertainment flower biography building on Sunday, September 25. Entertainer that Utamaru Katsura belongs to rakugo Arts Council of chairperson as for "geikyo festival to take its ease"…

  • Tradition, culture
Shinshu lofty feudal clan history and culture

Temporary exhibition "Shinshu lofty feudal clan history and culture" of the tenth anniversary of Shinjuku-ku - Ina-shi friendship tie-up in Shinjuku Historical Museum during from Sunday, September 18, 2016 to Sunday, November 20…

  • Tradition, culture
We express transformation of weapon of the human

"RPFW "Rapid Prototyping For Weapons" is displayed work of Mr. Noboru Tsubaki by Shinjuku NS building 1F. Period: August 2…

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