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shinjuku special dish Marchais!

Two days that charm of industry and sightseeing of Shinjuku can enjoy at a time! On Sunday, November 13 on 14th Monday in Shinjuku Station west exit open space event section "Shinjuku industrial tourism fair…

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Forest of adult time in Waseda

On Monday, November 21, event "forest of adult time in Waseda" for adult women of 40-60 generations is held at Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo and the outskirts…

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We come to like movie theater! Town of movie Shinjuku

Shinjuku-ku which has many movie theaters from large-scale cinema complex to mini theater of individuality group. We introduce recommended movie theater of such Shinjuku-ku.

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Visiting Edo Shinjuku, dyehouses

From Wednesday, November 2 through Sunday, November 20, "Edo Shinjuku, dyehouse circulation" is held in Ochiai, Takadanobaba, 3 areas of Waseda. Dyeing 12 type of industry /2…

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With fresco huge with cameo of the history

In Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, it is from Saturday, October 22 to November 20 in temporary exhibition "huge fresco - about late Tokugawa period, - modern history to overlook Meiji" commemorative for Meiji Jingu Gaien foundation 90 years…

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Color woodblock print desk calendar 2017 is now on sale!

"Theater museum desk calendar" and "theater museum greeting card" which are popular for foreign countries in Waseda University Theatre Museum MUSEUM SHOP…

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